Judo classes in Gurgaon-mixed martial arts

Judo is a derivational form of Jiu-Jitsu, practiced in martial arts. Judo most notably known as the gentle(Ju) way(do) in martial arts is certainly not very close to being gentle. It is indeed the most efficient and effective combat sport technique that people actively participate in. This martial arts-based is the finest sports having a pragmatic approach involving flexibility and adaptability. The technique implies using strength essentially. Offensive and defensive techniques are used when the time is right and yielding whenever necessary. Every technique in judo applies not only a physical attack, but it also prepares an individual to avoid any physical injury when thrown to the ground. General term used for the technique is “Break falls” (ukemi). This practice may benefit the individual even if there is an accidental fall. Thus learning and perfecting these techniques ultimately results in lifetime benefits.

The technique involves throwing opponents onto their backs to the ground,  immobilizing the opponent to the ground by deploying grappling tactics, or forcing the opponent to submit by  applying joint-locks and chokeholds.

Students practicing judo regularly develop increased speed and agility with a good static and dynamic balance.  The practice not only improves their strength, flexibility, and endurance but also boosts their self-confidence overall turning them into a formidable athlete.

Judo trainer at our Academy is a National level gold medalist and black belt, certified by none other than the Judo Federation of India. Grab the chance of getting trained under the excellent expertise of our professional trainers at the academy. Try our classes or opt for the demo class and see the result for yourself !