Self Defense

Mixed Martial Arts- Self Defense Training in Gurgaon

Whether it is your safety concern or you incline to learn Self-Defense tactics, we’ve got it covered for you. Our expert trainers will prepare you to face the real-life scenarios and challenges through our Self-Defense classes. The training will help the students how to fight when they find themselves in an unpredictably difficult circumstances. Those circumstances may include conflict in real life.

The training is not only about how to fight their way out but it also teaches to stay aware and alert in various situations and surrounding. Besides our classes also teaches rhetorical ways to minimize the problem. This includes talking down the assailant which may indeed cut-out the possibility of violence. Many of the approaches used in this class are the combination of mixed martial arts based techniques. In addition, we introduce some real world scenarios as an essential and effective modifications. Our students are first taught how to successfully defend themselves against unarmed assailants before dealing with the armed assailants as well as group assaults, aiming towards minimizing the chances of injury as far as possible along with averting the chances of getting under legal lawsuits.

Our program will prepare you for the worst scenarios and guide your way out towards safety.